Open House Festival & Snow Patrol present

Ward Park Free

Friday 24th May  

Bangor Town Centre

To help support our local night time economy and music scene Open House Festival & Snow Patrol have curated, on the eve of Ward Park 3, a lineup of exciting bands, musicians and DJs to play in eight Bangor pubs – and all events are FREE.

Music starts from 10pm. See the full schedule below.

The Goat’s Toe

53 Main St

10:00 Ryan McMullan

10:45 David C. Clements

11:30 Gareth Dunlop Band



37 High St

10:00 CHERYM

10:45 Blue Americans

11:30 Hunkpapa


Jamaica Inn

188 Seacliff Rd

10:00 Nathan O’Regan Band

Hop House (DJs)

44 High St

10:00 Twitch (upstairs)

10:00 GILMORE (upstairs)

10:00 Arvo Party (down)

11:00 JBL (down)


Jenny Watts

41 High St

10:00 Dolbro Dan

11:15  Ken Haddock



Rabbit Rooms

30 Quay St

10:00 Wilfie


26 High St

10:00 Gender Chores

10:45 Aeons

11:30 New Pagans




35 High St

10:00 Stephen Macartney

10:30 Reevah

11:00 Tour Alaska


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