Saturday 3rd July

Your homes, your gardens, your streets

All day long – or whenever you fancy

Get your vintage glad rags on, dust down your deck chairs, shake your cocktails – and join our Seaside Revival at Home celebrations.

It’s so great to get out and about more, but some folk still want to stay close to home and socialise with as many friends and family members as the regulations allow – so we’ve decided to proceed with our Seaside Revival at Home celebrations.

For those of you who’ve been busy this past year sprucing up your gardens, building outdoor bars, and bonding with your neighbours, this is your big day, as we’re offering three At Home vintage prize categories.

Oh, and this is important, when we say vintage we mean any vintage era. Yes, any. Even the 80s! Think roaring 20s, swing jazz 30s, wartime 40s, dance hall 50s, rock ‘n roll 60s, hippie 70s, neon 80s … so much potential.

Best Vintage Bar

sponsored by Copeland Distillery

Garden bars definitely became a thing during lockdown – and we’re looking for the best vintage style one for a shot at this prize.

Make sure to dress it up, just like we hope you will, for our vintage inspired at home event.

The winning bar will receive a bottle of Copeland’s Classic Irish Gin, Smugglers Reserve Rum and Merchant’s Quay Blended Irish Whisky – plus a Seaside Revival Copeland Distillery Best Vintage Bar plaque.

Best Dressed Vintage Garden

sponsored by Hillmount Garden Centre

We’re not talking the best-looking flower beds or rosiest rose bushes here. We want your gardens to dress up for the occasion – just like you.

The winning garden will receive a £80 voucher from Hillmount Garden Centre – plus a Seaside Revival Hillmount Best Vintage Garden plaque.

Best Street Party

sponsored by Captain’s Table

A chance to celebrate with all those neighbours you’ve been waving at, chatting to, doing errands for, clapping with and finally getting to know these past 15 months. You could set a single vintage theme – or mix and match – but remember to do it safely, at the recommended social distance and within government guidelines.

The winning street will receive a voucher from the Captains Table – plus a Seaside Revival Best Street Party plaque.

How to enter

Send at least three photos with the category you are entering to by 9pm on Saturday 3rd July. We’d love to see some people in the pictures too.

Please put the category in the subject box. Judging will take place on Sunday 4th July and announced on Seaside Revival Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please share your photos online using the following hashtags:

#seasiderevivalathome21 #seasiderevivalbestvintagebar #seasiderevivalbestdressedgarden #seasiderevivalbeststreetparty

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