Bangor Gig Guide

Find out what gigs are on in Bangor over the next two weeks. Most are free!

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Tuesday 18 February

Hop House Jam

Hop House / 9pm / Free


Donegans / 9pm / Free

Pub Quiz

Jamaica Inn / 9.30pm / Free

Wednesday 19 February

Acoustic Jam

The Goat’s Toe / 9pm / Free

Pub Quiz

Donegans / 9pm / Free

Thursday 20 February

As You Were (Indie/Brit Pop)

Wolseys / 9pm / Free

Justin Barnes

Hop House / 9pm / Free

Alice LA (Pop/Originals)

The Goat’s Toe / 10pm / Free

Friday 21 February

Colin Patterson (DJ)

Betty Blacks / 7pm / Free

Dolbro Dan (Alternative Folk)

Jamaica Inn / 8.30pm / Free

Paul Murray

Hop House / 9pm / Free

Stick With It

The Goat’s Toe / 10.30pm / Free

Saturday 22 February

Jonny Seeds (DJ)

Betty Blacks / 3-9pm / Free

Resident DJ

Donegans / 9pm / Free

Cap On The Wall (Folk)

Wolseys / 7.30 – 9.30pm / Free

DJ Daryl Monaghan (80’s – 00’s)

Wolseys / 9.30pm / Free

Kaidi Tatham

Hop House / 9pm / Free

Mark Hamilton

Jamaica Inn / 9pm / Free

Neal McClellend & Jack Priestly (DJ)

Betty Blacks / 9pm / Free

Coco Trio

The Goat’s Toe / 10.30pm / Free

Sunday 23 February

Darryn McGarry (Karaoke)

Betty Blacks / 6pm / Free

Mark Braidner (Roots)

Jamaica Inn / 7.30pm / Free

Mardi Gras

Hop House (downstairs) / 9pm / Free

Mardi Gaz

Hop House (upstairs) / 9pm / Free

DJ Reese Rodgers (RnB/Pop)

Wolseys / 9pm / Free

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