Bangor’s Ghost

Ahoy all whose curiosity navigates to Bangor’s rich and fascinating past – Bangor’s Ghost is returning to the beautiful Queen’s Parade Church on Thursday 4th July.

This time the theme will be tailored towards the seaside, giving due tribute to the stout-hearted women who have embraced the deep and biting waters along the town’s beautiful rocky coastline. Expect songs, poetry and stories of shipwrecks, mermaids and memoirs from the heyday of Pickie Pool and spirited Dance Halls. 
Curated by songwriter Rachel McCarthy, songwriter and story teller David Lennon and poet Moyra Donaldson who have shared the stage from the show’s beginning. They will be joined by traditional musicians Bronagh Donnelly McClean and Colleen McCleery, and top Bangor boatman/tale teller Brian Meharg. 

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